Tour Guide App

Android, Udacity Project

Tour Guide App

The project is a chance for you to combine and practice everything you learned in this section of the Nanodegree program. You will be making your own multi-screen Android app to share your knowledge about a city you are very familiar with.


The goal is to create a tour guide app which presents relevant information to a user who’s visiting your city. The app can list top attractions, restaurants, public places, or events for the city. It can contain all the best known secrets that only locals know. It’s up to you which categories you want to provide, as well as what information to provide in each category.


In the most recent portion of the Nanodegree program, you worked to build the Miwok language app, which taught you how to present information in a multi-screen app to your users. Now, you will practice that skillset by presenting information that you care about in your own life to a user. Your Tour Guide app will be unique to your city, your life, and your interests.


This project is about combining various ideas and skills that have been used throughout the course. They include:

  • Planning your app design and navigation before coding.
  • Selecting proper data structures to store lists of information.
  • Building layouts to display those lists of data.
  • Navigating between those lists using intents and multiple Activities or a ViewPager.
  • Creating your own custom classes.
  • Properly handling images or audio (if applicable)